100 Cashmere Wrap Shawl Stole 4 ply Travel Wrap Black

100% Cashmere Wrap Shawl Stole 4-ply Travel Wrap Black

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100% Classic Cashmere wrap ready to surround you in comfort. Size is 72" x 29" without fringe. Super chic black cashmere classic wrap. This product is not a thin pashmina it is an excellent travel wrap. Oversized thick wrap yet light and easy to fold and fit in tote. This plush wrap is perfect for cool nights, long flights, frosty offices, and alfresco events. You can style this wrap in many different ways, product photo is only one way. You can take this wrap with you everywhere, it's the ultimate accessory. The world's finest cashmere comes from Mongolian goats tended by nomadic herders. To withstand the country's bitter climate, cashmere goats not only have a fleece of thick long hairs, but also an undercoat of fine down. This down is combed out each spring, and once unwanted long hairs are separated out, each goat produces maybe three or four ounces of cashmere. That is enough for between a third and a half of a sweater, whereas an ordinary sheep provides three or four sweaters. You can start to see why cashmere is so treasured.

100% Cashmere thick woven yet light and compact

Classic simple black woven wrap, perfect for flights or travel

Wrap is 72" x 29" without fringe - Larger with fringe

This Wrap can be styled various ways - product photo is one way, style to your taste

Use on Airplane or grab on your way out door just in case of chill