Guide To Evidence Based Physical Therapist Practice

Guide To Evidence-Based Physical Therapist Practice

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Guide to Evidence-Based Physical Therapist Practice, Third Edition provides readers with the information and tools needed to appreciate the philosophy, history, and value of evidence-based practice, understand what constitutes evidence, search efficiently for applicable evidence in the literature, evaluate the findings in the literature, and integrate the evidence with clinical judgment and individual patient preferences and values. This unique handbook marries the best elements of multiple texts into a single accessible guide. Guide to Evidence-Based Physical Therapist Practice, Third Edition is updated and revised, including a vibrant 2-color engaging layout, improved organization, additional statistics coverage, and expanded resources for instructors and students. Its reader-friendly style facilitates learning and presents the knowledge and skills essential for physical therapist students to develop a foundation in research methods and methodologies related to evidence-based medicine. Students will learn how evaluate research designs, appraise evidence, and apply research in clinical practice. This is a comprehensive resource no physical therapist or student should be without. NEW TO THE THIRD EDITION • Features a new two-color design • Includes updated research examples • Presents statistics coverage in two chapters with more manageable content to review Description and Inference • Contains expanded content related to qualitative research designs • Provides qualitative research examples to illustrate the contribution of these designs to a physical therapist’s ability to discern and understand individual patient/client applications • Explores examples of circumstances where biases and limitations have resulted in errors • Offers new instructor and student resources INSTRUCTOR RESOURCES • Sample Syllabus (corresponding with APTA’s Guide to Physical Therapist Practice 3.0 and the 2016 CAPTE Evaluative Criteria) • PowerPoint Presentations for each chapter • New Test Bank with 150 questions • Revised Sample Evidence Appraisal Worksheets • Helpful Resource List with additional references • Answer Key - Sample Answers for End of Chapter Questions STUDENT RESOURCES: Navigate Companion Website, including: Crossword Puzzles, Flashcards, Interactive Glossary, Practice Quizzes, Web Links, Screenshots of electronic databases

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