PneumaticPlus PPC3C N02G 3 Stage Air Drying System  Particulate Air Filter Coalescing Filter Air Pressure Regulator Combo 14 NPT High Flow Poly Bowl with Guard Manual Drain Embedded Gauge

PneumaticPlus PPC3C-N02G 3 Stage Air Drying System- Particulate Air Filter, Coalescing Filter & Air Pressure Regulator Combo 1/4" NPT (High Flow), Poly Bowl with Guard, Manual Drain, Embedded Gauge

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How It Works: First, the air enter the particulate filter, which has 5 micron cleanable Polyethylene element. In this stage, corrosive moisture, pipe scale, dirt and rust are removed from air line protecting the precision part in the regulator. During Stage 2, fine filtration takes place. Here, 99.7 percentage of oil aerosols and microscopic particles down to 0.3 micron absolute are removed from the air. Third Stage, the air enter a high-performance regulator, which reduces primary pressure to a desired pressure setting. Installation Install units so the airflow is in the direction "IN-OUT" as indicated by arrow on the head of the unit. Install filter first in line of additional units such as regulators or lubricators, and as close as possible to the pneumatic tools or appliances being serviced. Unit must be installed in parallel from floor, downstream position for proper function. Do not install polycarbonate bowl in pressure that exceeds 150 PSI or where there is a presence of solvents harmful to polycarbonate. In these cases, use a metal bowl. The Unit can dis-assemble or assemble using a Phillips-head screwdriver or Allen wrench. An insert feature allows simple installation and removal in any location without disturbing the existing piping arrangement. The regulator can be mounted in either up or down position. This unique design allows unlimited adaptation to air preparation systems. Unit will permit use of standard size pipe nipples. Operation & Adjustments Filtering out of dirt and foreign particles, and the separation of moisture is automatic with air flow. There are no moving parts and no adjustments are necessary. Accumulated sludge and moisture should be drained off. Sediment should not be permitted to fill above the lower baffle. Wash filter element at intervals with methylene chloride or similar cleansing fluid to maintain filtering efficiency.

Max Supply Pressure: 250 PSI, Max Operating Pressure: 140 PSI, 16 SCFM @ 90PSI

Particulate Filter: 5 Micron Element, Coalescing Filter: 0.3 Micron Element, Port Size:1/4" NPT

Manual Drain & Poly Bowl with Guard, Includes 0-140 PSI Embedded Pressure Gauge

Use metal bowl in pressure exceeding 150PSI or when solvents harmful to polycarbonate is present

Manufactured in Korea